Work Samples

Member Comms, Messaging, Engagement

Rowan Tree

As co-founder of this coworking community, I lead messaging, marketing, and community engagement. I work hand in hand with my partner who is an extremely talented graphic designer to create materials that reflect our dedication to quality, beauty, humor, and authenticity.

Suicide Risk Management Consultation Program logo

Rebrand + Toolkit

VA Suicide Risk Management
Consultation Program (SRMCP)

Facilitated messaging sessions, drafted new messages. Coordinated with designer and clients for new logo. Created plan and developed toolkit for providers to help share program with their peers. Oversaw development of new website.

Communications Plan

VA Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs (OPIA)

Created communications campaign to help VA employees "live happier, work happier, and be more resilient." Led research, developed content to reflect best practices for workplace resilience. Oversaw creation of 20+ products including infographic, tip sheets, and electronic posters. Coordinated, planned and facilitated webinar with 100+ attendees.

White Board Video

VA "BuildUp Your BounceBack"

Wrote script, created storyboard using stock images and campaign graphics, developed whiteboard video with VideoScribe, outsourced voiceover

Program Creation, Marketing + Facilitation

Rowan Tree Cogrowth Cohorts

Created a time-bound work group program. Developed marketing funnel and website and published an online course. Manage back-end administration, participant communications and facilitate sessions. Constantly seek feedback to refine and improve program.

Website Refresh

Dynamic Integrated Services

Worked with web design team and internal DIS team to created refreshed wireframes, coordinate fresh content and images. Led schedule and coordination with web designer to update website on a quick turnaround.

Video (Canva)

Rowan Tree: "We Forgot the Magic"

Compiled images, wrote content and designed video to convey to returning and potential members the power of the coworking community. Used to promote the "Grounding Members" campaign.

Video (Canva)

Compiled images, wrote content, and designed video to communicate the resilience of the Rowan Tree community during Covid.